Willowscott Homes of Harrisburg PA

restoring vintage homes for today's living

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Willowscott Homes

Harrisburg PA

The name ‘Willowscott’ I chose for my own personal residence, following the English tradition of naming one’s domicile. Willows-cott is simply “the cottage with the willows”; an avid gardener, I have several varieties of willows planted throughout my yard. I admire the willow’s flexibility and resiliency and its ability to grow at prodigious rates, all qualities I strive to emulate.

My company’s focus is on rehabbing old homes; especially pre-WWII. The GIs’ return from the battlefield changed everything. To keep up with demand for housing for the returning vets, we changed our mindset as a culture; Prior to WWII, home building was an art and a craft, and after, homes were simply a production of an assembly line.

These pre-war homes, by their very nature, are limited. Every step must be taken to preserve them.

Harrisburg PA is full of such homes that are decaying and falling at our feet. They are being torn down as they become dangerous and decrepit, blighted eyesores. I am trying to save a few of these old homes so that they survive into the next century and beyond and I believe that today’s homeowners are but stewards of these old residences, keepers for the next generation and beyond.

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My Work

My focus has been on homes in Uptown Harrisburg PA. Most of the homes have been in such a poor state of disrepair that they have been uninhabitable.  I turn them into homes that are now enjoyable for many decades to come. I use quality materials and hire contractors who do quality work to the industry's highest standards.

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This is a full house renovation I managed for a client. The renovation featured a total basement finish to double the square footage of the house.

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This home needed some foundation work and a new kitchen built from scratch.  The bathroom was also rebuilt, save for the original clawfoot tub. The first floor was decked with stylish and durable LVP


This semi-detached house was rehabbed in the spring of 2019 with new roof, HVAC, kitchen, bath, flooring and paint.  The front porch was torn off and rebuilt.


A new HVAC, completely revamped landscape and all new finishes and fixtures were required for this mid-century makeover, completed in January 2019

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This home was gutted  and rebuilt in the spring of 2019, with all new wiring, plumbing, a roof, HVAC, drywall, kitchen and bath.

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This home, renovated in the winter and spring of 2018,  needed a new roof, all new windows and extensive repairs. The kitchen and both baths were gutted and rebuilt and a new HVAC installed.


This spacious 3 bedroom 1 bath semi-detached home was restored in the summer of 2017.

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This row-home was restored from the fall of 2016 to spring of 2017.

This home needed all need electrical, plumbing, kitchen and baths. Both the roof and the basement and the interior and exterior needed work.

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This home, located in Uptown, was the inaugural project of Willowscott Homes